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Bi-Office Wall Tile 1150x750mm | BQ37253

Bi-Office Wall Tile 1150x750mm


Bi-Office 1150x750mm Wall Tile DET8025397

Allowing you to create a wall of whiteboards, the Bi-Office Wall Tile is perfect for planning and organisation within your business. Provided in a range of different sizes these tiles allow you to utilise the space you have in the most effective way possible, tailoring your whiteboards for your needs. The surface of the tile is not only a drywipe board, but magnetic as well, providing you with a way to attach to as well as write on your product.

  • Wall tiles for creating customised whiteboards
  • Magnetic drywipe surface
  • For personalised layout of boards
  • Easily mounted
  • Panels sit seamlessly together
  • Dimensions: 1150 x 750mm x 11mm
  • Code: BQ37253
  • Brand: Bi-Office
  • EAN: 5.60375E+12