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Types of laminator machine and its uses

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What do we mean as a laminator machine? Laminator is a small machine that covers an important document which you want to safeguard in a polymer known as laminate.

You can keep your documents safe from ruin as the documents are sealed by the laminator machine. So, most of the companies make use of laminator machine to protect their papers and documents.

Different kinds of laminator machines are available on the market.

However, the most popular is the hot laminator. There are two types of hot laminator.

  1. The pouch type
  2. The large film type.

Each and every type need a different kind of laminator accessories and consumables. For lamination of big sheets or for dealing too many sheets at a time, you can use large film type of laminator machines.

In this type, a machine uses heat for melting the polymer laminate. Laminated sheets are then placed on the base of the cover laminate. Thereafter, a roller formed is then beneficial to compress laminate over the bottom and top films for closing off the documents or articles in it.

Laminators of this type provide good-quality of a laminate which can be operated effortlessly and rapidly.

Another type of laminator machine is pouch type.

The way of functioning to film laminators is same as the large film type, but it uses a pouch laminate. Documents are placed in the pouch and then on the open portion, it is heat sealed. Usually, the laminate pouches appear in regular paper sizes such as A4, A3 and in all different sizes.

You can operate this type of laminator machine easily as it is simple, straightforward and user-friendly. The only thing one has to manage is- place a document in the pouch and get it passed by the machine.

In both the above kind of laminator machines, there is a utilization of a heat and a laminate called a glue resin as a first layer and polyester based as a second layer. Contact of both of the heated layers makes them to bond together and close the document or the papers kept inside it safely.

Other laminator machines are also available that does not use heat or high temperature, hence known as the cold type.

Laminator machine of this kind is used for items that get damaged with high temperature or heat. For instance:-carbon copy of different bills or sales invoice receipt. With the help of pressure, the laminate resin is formed in this type of laminator.

A device which can roll both the sheets together and presses the sheets in place delivers the laminate.

As per the requirement of laminate, an individual can opt for the above-mentioned type of laminator machines considering its uses and different models.