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Cheap Office Supplies – The One Stop Shop For All Your Stationery Needs

A2B Office Supplies provide for a range of cheap office supplies that fulfil all your office supply needs under one roof.

With all leading brands partnered with us, we provide for top-end cheap office supplies make your daily routine at the office a breeze.

Not only do we provide each and every item conceivable, and from a host of brands, we also cater to each budget bracket as well. From the lowest to the highest end of the range, we do not exclude any budgetary constraints either, because at A2B Office Supplies we know the need is real and believe in serving everyone with the same level of professionalism that is deserved by one and all. Which is why we have received top ratings in reviews and with a 4.9-star rating out of a potential 5, we know our customers love us and return the same level of respect that we bestow upon them.

Cheap Office Supplies

A2B Office Supplies has been a supplier of home & office equipment to a wide audience which includes homeowners, businesses owners, government authorities, NHS, schools, colleges and big corporate customers all over the United Kingdom. We are majorly recognised and known for supplying high-quality office products at economical prices coupled with a great customer support. Our business machine range of office equipment includes an extensive selection of paper trimmers, laminators, paper shredders, binding machines and so much more.

Our office supplies store is also pleased to offer business accounts to Public Organisations such as Councils, Government bodies, Hospitals, Schools and Police and even for the Private Businesses (Ltd, Plc) enabling you and all your staff members with the fastest access to our products range of home office supplies that will further enhance your business!

Feel free to take a look at our online reviews, we pride ourselves on the service we offer our customers. OfficeSource recently gave A2B Office with a 5-star review as one of the best Manchester office supplies companies.

Cheap Office Supplies From Quality Leading Brands

Office StationeryA2B Office Supplies has been a supplier to both homes and offices for top end cheap office supplies and stationery since 1991. It supplies all over the United Kingdom and has only grown from strength to strength over the past 25 years. We provide for good quality merchandise for a very good price that makes us invaluable to our valuable customers. We also pay particular attention to our customer services as we believe to keep up our end of the bargain even after we have delivered on our promise of providing the very best. This way we have managed to make great business accounts throughout the United Kingdom and we still have our loyal customers come back to us for all their office supply needs, and we haven’t lost any of them.

Our business machine range of office equipment alone includes a wide choice of paper trimmers, laminators, paper shredders, binding machines and much much more. By offering public and private organisations to open business accounts we offer them access to the fastest delivery of all our products (delivery the very next day at your doorstep) that would only enhance their business further.

A2B Office Supplies have been able to build a sound reputation of delivering not only the best product but the best product at the best price with the best service throughout the UK; which has resulted in a client base including quite a few government authorities and many large corporate giants who rely on us for their office supplies. We have a professional team which is able to answer all questions pertaining to your office needs and offer custom solutions to any and every problem that you may face with your communication needs. Our staff is highly trained and thus, fully specialised in handling our customers’ queries every single time.

The reason that we are able to provide top end cheap office supplies at such low prices is that we strike the best bargains with the manufacturers and are able to pass on savings to our valuable customers in turn. This becomes a win-win situation for all concerned.

Method of Ordering Your Office Supplies

At A2B Office Supplies, we believe in making the purchasing process as simple as ABC.

Time Taken To Deliver and Charges for Delivery

Subject to the availability of the stock, we take only up to two working days to deliver all products that are ordered.

Within mainland UK we only charge a flat rate of £4.99, no matter how many items are ordered. Charges outside mainland UK varies depending on the area.

Online Shopping For Cheap Office Supplies

Similar to all online shopping arenas, A2B Office Technology has the same procedure. Browse through thousands of cheap office supplies and click the ‘Buy Now’ icon and either continue shopping and/or click on the ‘Checkout’ icon once done.

A secure page would prompt you for details to be entered and you are done with all your shopping.

Make Doing Business Easy and Setup a Business Supplies Account

We offer an easier and faster route of doing business for public and private entities, by opening up business accounts with us. This makes for faster access to all your cheap office supplies and helps you do your business faster without having to wait for the most basic of things.

Q Connect Office Supplies

A business account can be opened immediately and credit checks are not even required for Government bodies, Councils, Schools, Hospitals or the Police department.

Depending on whether the stock is available or not, and that you are within your account limit, each business account holder can have their supplies dispatched the very same working day. All that is needed is an authorised Purchase Order, which should be on a letterhead – and includes all contact names and contact information. The Purchase Order can be faxed, emailed or posted.

If the organisation requires a proforma invoice, that too can be sent to us via email, fax or post without delay. Our aim is to make doing business as simple as ABC without having our customer to wait for anything.

Bulk Ordering Made More Convenient

For our bulk orders, we further facilitate our customers in the following ways:

  • Most of the stock can be bulk ordered and delivered as per requirement and availability.
  • We help our customers make the right decisions by giving them informed recommendations.
  • We also advise them on the suitability of each product to their customised needs and help make each of their purchase relevant.
  • For bulk orders, discounts are available for quite a few of the cheap office supplies.

The reason we feel we are able to give informed recommendations is due to the fact that we have been in this industry for a number of years, helping organisations out in their time of need and constantly delivering on our promise of good merchandise. This makes us an extremely knowledgeable contender in the retailing world.

Return Policy – Your Rights

Although we believe in our quality assurance of each item sold, at times the customers may still want to return the product for other reasons. We provide the customer with their right of returning the item with no questions asked – provided that all goods returned must be in their original packaging, documentation and manuals (for a complete refund). A customer may return any item, within 14 days of the date of delivery. We also do not refund for postage or packaging, and that must be borne by the customer. A2B Office Supplies does not sell on the trial basis either and we only allow for returns and refunds on unopened products.

If the item delivered is not what you ordered, or it turns out to be faulty in any way then our customer service representatives would be available to cater to all your concerns. We offer a complete refund or replacement immediately.

A duplicate of the receipt of the product must also be sent in when returned, and all products should be adequately insured against damage or loss in transit when the product(s) is returned by a third party. A2B Office Technology would not be held accountable if such an unfortunate incident arises.

Warranties provided for by the manufacturer are valid for up to 12 months after purchase, and in that period of time, we work with both, the customer as well as the manufacturer, to make for an easy way of solving any problems that may crop up during this time.

All refunds are made within 30 working days and charges for recovering and restocking may apply – which would be deducted from the refund amount.

In case of any non-delivery issue, that is, you have not received your supplies within 10 days of the date of despatch, then kindly notify us so that the matter may be investigated without further delay.

The Quality Of Cheap Office Supplies

We are proud to provide all our customers with a minimum guarantee of 12 months on all our products. This further reassures our clients on our repute and trustworthiness of delivering quality products. It also sets them at ease about their purchases.

We give the customers the freedom to inform us of any damage done to the product while in transit – within the first 48 hours of receiving the product. Also, guarantees do not cover the depreciation of the product (while in use) or any damage done to the product either accidentally or intentionally. The guarantees, however, do cover technical issues that may arise while in use.

Customer Service and Complaints

We have a very professional and able sales team, who deliver a high level of customer satisfaction with the products sold as well as the services rendered to our valued customers.

We are open to suggestions in an area where we may be lacking and would like to set our standards of service even higher to be able to grow even further. We make it our top priority to be able to respond to any complaints within 2 working days, so as not to leave our customers in the dark and make them feel comfortable to doing business with us.

Request A Callback

To make communication even easier, we encourage our customers to leave their details with us so that we may call them back and keep the conversation flowing. Take advantage of the Request A Call Back Service and keep the communication lines open.

Our endeavour with all our actions is to make and keep A2B Office Supplies the top retailer of all top end cheap office supplies. From printers to fax machines, to stationery items, we provide them with all. We supply all over the United Kingdom and make for speedy deliveries so that none of our customers is in need of the most basic of items to complete their day to day tasks. By gaining considerable bargains on all our rates, we are able to provide our valued customers with value-added services and great savings on all their purchases and by providing further discounts on some of our bulk orders, they are able to save even more – making for a profitable partnership.

We value our customers a great deal, which is why we promise good quality product – at great prices – and even better customer care services to make doing business with us a comfortable affair. This achieves for a greater bond over the years of doing business, and this is why after 25 years of doing business we are rated as the top retailer throughout the UK with 4.9 stars out of a total of 5.

Not only do we make our customers comfortable at the onset, but we also do not leave them be after delivering the product. Working with them throughout the guarantee period (of at least 12 months) while also giving them their right of returning a product, our customer care takes good care of each and every customer of ours; and solves all their problems with true professionalism and technical know-how.

With so many years of experience, we can safely say, we are extremely knowledgeable about the best that is out there and provide our clients with the very best of advice and discuss each of their needs and provide a suitable solution subject to all constraints – even budgetary ones.

Each customer is given their due rights – as well as statutory rights, making us one of the most reliable retailers of cheap office supplies in all of UK.