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How to use a Laminator

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The word lamination means to compress something into a thin layer while using plastic or gum or wood or any other material.

Different materials can be used to laminate. Car windows are laminated with plastic used on both sides of the glass. Plywood is used for laminating the wooden beams.

Lamination helps in preserving the time long things in a safe manner. It facilitates in keeping the memories clear even after years. You can laminate all important stuff such as photos, business labels and cards, business seals, personal but vital documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and many other essential records.

Which laminator is useful to you depends on what you want to laminate and the size of your business. Now a day there are a variety of laminators available in the market. But before buying you need to learn how you can use them. The below mentioned are some types of laminating machines available and their use

Pouch Laminator

Many people use pouch laminators as they are easy to use. You can laminate identification cards, photos, notices etc with the help of pouch laminators. They require just 5 minutes of heating time and are ready to use. After the 5 minutes are over you can place your document in the pouch and then put the pouch into the laminating machine. The laminated document will automatically come out once lamination is done.

Roll Laminators

To use roll laminators you first have to consider whether the tray is in the right place or not. The rollers should be moving else the machine would not get heat up. The roll laminators are speedier than pouch laminators. These laminators come with adjustable speed and temperature control. You can laminate longer rolls even within few seconds. Moreover, there is a reverse switch which helps in handling jam. Furthermore, you can also have an added advantage of modifiable rollers in this roll laminator machine.

Laminate & Paper Creaser

With the help of paper creaser, you can easily turn and fold your paper without cracking it. Moreover, with this, you can laminate your documents as well as crease the same. It is easy to set up in your office and is very speedier. These creasers come in both i.e. manual use and electric use. The paper creasers come with a unique profile that helps in accurate measurement of scales and proper paper positioning.

Laminate without a machine

If you don’t want to buy a laminator machine you can still laminate your belongings. You can take the help of laminating pouches. These pouches are best to preserve your photos, ID’s, credit cards etc. you just need to put your document in between the pouches.

You can also laminate the film rolls and all the small sized laminated items that can be carried in a single carrier.

Hope this article would have helped you in learning to use lamination machines.

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