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Benefits of using Cold Laminating

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Lamination is used for the protection of various important papers, documents, memories like photos etc. Nowadays small and big premises both use laminating documents that are important to be kept safe.

You can save a lot of money with the help of laminators as you may not need to reprint or recopy important documents or papers which you may not keep it due to its confidential properties.

Laminators are widely used for companies that regularly print ID cards, menu cards etc, and needs to laminate them regularly on a daily basis.Moreover, laminators are getting very popular and are included in office equipment family by most of the companies.

There are two types of popular lamination machine available

  1. Hot lamination
  2. Cold lamination

Both types of laminating machines have their own pros and cons. Depending on the need of the office; you need to take a decision on which type of lamination machine you should buy.

A cold laminator is a kind of laminating resin that is used to bind the lamination film. Usually, this type of machine is used when the item needs to be laminated heat-sensitive.

For instance, there are printers which use such type of ink that sheet cutting machines get melted when it undergoes heating. For this, other kinds of printers are available which heat-sensitive papers are. So, for this kind of application, cold type of laminating is the best option.

Advantages of cold laminating machines

Let us discuss what the advantages of the cold laminating are. Cold laminating can be very beneficial for your business needs of laminating important documents. A cold laminating machine is easy to operate and even it does not require any experience to use. It can be operated conveniently by any layman.

The machine works very fast as the set-up time is very low compared to the hot laminating machine. In cold laminating machines, you do not need to wait for getting it warm as compared to the hot laminating machine. It is safer to use as there is no chance of burning due to high temperature as compared to the hot laminating machine.

One more advantage is that it requires less maintenance in comparison to the hot type of laminating. This is due to that it does not need regular cleaning.

Moreover, laminating documents with cold type gives better results as there is no occurrence of curling, waves or blisters to the laminated product. Thus, the cold laminating machine provides you better results of lamination to any type of document.