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Binding Machines: Types & Uses

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A decent presentation needs various tools. Papers and printouts need to be prepared and arranged in a proper way. An essential thing required is bind papers and sheets in a presentable way. You shall need a good quality binding machine for same.

Binding machines come in various types and models. There are many variants that suit different business requirements. Some most popular types of binding machines and their uses are discussed below.

Comb Binding Machine

Sheets of prints are arranged in a linear manner and then they are punched uniform way. Then a combing wire is pierced for getting a fine result. This type of machine allows users to create their own trade paperbacks and hardcover books.

Good amounts of money and time can be saved by a mid-sized company if they move from outsourcing the binding work to using the facility in-house.

Thermal Binding Machine

This is a type of binding where papers are bound using adhesives or hot glue. It is also referred to as soft cover binding. The best use for this type of binding is in the binding of novels.

It gives great results in binding Annual Reports, Corporate Results, Brochures and manuals. Perfect binding can be done for 24 or more papers only. Some great advantages of Perfect binding are versatility, longevity, great appeal and sharp looks.

Wire Binding Machines

When the requirement is creating professional looking binding sitting right on your desk, the best solution is wire binding machine. One preferred machine for all requirements is a double loop wire binding system.

Normally these machines are used for binding calendars, journals, recipe books and manuals. Employees can create their own binding projects and use for an entire office.

Coil Binding Machine

This is also known as bookbinding style. This is a very durable style of binding and is used for a file that requires to be mailed. Different colours of Spiral coils and colours are available on the market which can give designer look to your reports.

One good thing about coil binding is the availability of coils in various sizes and lengths making it suitable for any type of report.

All above types of binding machines are readily available. Before going for purchase one should check out type of binding work that is being done in his office. Then machine needs to be related to the work.

One sure thing is cost saving by binding in the office compared to out sourcing this job. Also, time can be saved and emergencies can be addressed. Moreover, quality of binding is best when done in your own office.