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Binding Solution for Legal Sized Papers

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Any office needs to store papers for record keeping and future use. For keeping papers in proper order, they need to be bound. There are many binding machines available in the market.

For usual letter-sized papers, there are lots of options for binding solutions. But, in case, your need is for legal sized papers that are bit bigger in size than regular office papers, you need to be selective for a binding machine.

There are not many choices available in the market for bigger papers, we discuss below various types of binding machines for legal sized papers:

Comb Binding machine

This is the most popular type of legal paper binding. This type of machine can be used for larger sized papers. You need to ensure two basic things while purchasing the machine.

The first thing to remember is it should have open punching throat, the throat should be more than 14 inches so that it can accommodate bigger papers. The second thing to check is disengageable dies. This is needed for getting the required number of holes in the target paper.

Wire Binding Machine

One point where wire binding machine scores ahead of all other types of machines is the professional look it gives to papers. The final finishing and polished looks are much better in this binding machine.

Here, also one needs feed that is bigger than 14 inches. One more variant to look before purchasing is the number of holes per inch that machine does. Two types of binding machines are available, 2 pitch variety and 3 pitch variety.

Two pitch varieties get two holes per inch and can bind 300 sheets. Three pitch varieties can do three holes in an inch and bind 100 papers.

Coil Binding Machine

They are helpful when legal binding papers are to be given some colourful touch. Coils that are used in the binding of papers are available in many colours.

The binding limit for these types of machines is 440 papers. As we have to bind bigger papers, size of the coil has to be more than 15 inches. And you need to ensure crimping ends of the coil by using crimping pliers.

Velo Bind Machine

Strong and secure binding are the key aspects of this type of machine. They can also bind mot number of pages that can go up to 750 pages. Velo Binding machines can easily accommodate legal sized papers only thing to remember is to have largely sized velo strips.

Now you know those binding legal sized papers is not that tough a job. You just need to keep in mind above things before selecting a binding machine.