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Buying Laminators for the Office

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When buying equipment for your office, you need to make sure it is of a good quality in order to retain efficiency and the productivity of your company. A laminator is an extremely useful office tool and is invaluable for both small and large companies in all industries.

Laminators are machines that are used to encase important or frequently used documents in a plastic, transparent or translucent cover. They are the perfect tool for creating paper-based documents that are regularly used or that need to be protected and retained for a long time.

Which Laminator?

Buying a laminator for your office equipment is not always an easy task, especially if you are not an expert on the tool! There are two types of laminators and it is important to understand the difference before you make a purchase.

The first type is the hot laminator and this is usually the larger type. They have the ability to produce poster size products as well as smaller “ID badge” sized products. How hot laminators work is that the relevant paper document is inserted into and slowly rolled through the machine using heat and pressure to apply the plastic covering.

How long it takes to laminate a document really depends on its size, for example, poster-sized paper requires more time in order to ensure that the whole area is covered whereas notebook-sized paper can be processed much more quickly.

The other type of laminator used by offices is the cold laminating machine. This is usually the one that is most well-used by those in business as they are more efficient and easier to use. They are much more efficient as they do not require the waiting time to heat up. As opposed to heating the plastic coating in order to stamp it onto the document, cold laminators use pressure sensitive plastic envelopes.

Before you go out to buy a laminator for your business, you must first set a budget and it is advisable to go for brands which have a good reputation as far as price and quality go. Check online reviews to ensure you are dealing with a reputable company.