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How do you bind large documents?

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Binding large sheets is a challenging task as most of the binding machines are designed for letter sized papers and documents. People may generally think that there is no way to bind large documents such as legal sized documents etc. But there are some options to bind large sized papers and sheets. The three binding techniques are described below.

Plastic Comb Binding

Comb binding is the most preferred binding method used by many people. It is simple to use as well as affordable. This is the best binding machines technique to bind thicker documents. The combs of the machine are 2 inches in diameter. They can bind over 425 pages. The comb binding machine can have the following two functionalists:

  • Open punching throat.
  • Disengageable dies.

It is very easy to bind large sized sheets with a comb machine that has both these functionalities. The open punching throat accommodates the paper. The disengage-able dies can help you to make the exact number of holes for different sized documents. You can use the same binding machine for large and small papers. After disengaging the dies, you can punch holes and bind it with the help of comb opener. You can repeat this procedure if necessary.

Coil Binding

Coil binding is one of the popular methods. Here coils are used to bind the books of distinct sizes. You can have the coils in many colours. Coils are easily affordable and they are available in different lengths. Coils can bind over 440 papers. To process your papers and documents, you need a punch that has the ability to handle large sized papers. You can spin the coil manually through the paper holes.

You can also use electric coil insert for faster spinning. After spinning the coil, you have to crimp the ends by using crimping pliers. Crimping is very essential in securing the binding. This crimping work gets easier and simpler with practice.

Twin Loop Wire Binding

In this method, the machine with disengage-able dies is used for binding. The major difference between plastic comb binding machines and twin loop wire binding is that you have to custom order wire spines. They should be in an order before you start the binding process.

This is inconvenient in case of big projects and assignments. But wire bound books look great. So the inconvenience should not be an issue.

Hence, with the above three techniques, you can bind large sized documents effectively.