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How to Send a Fax?

Table of Contents

The fax machines have been replaced email and Internet services these days. Still the work that a fax machine can do is remarkable and irreplaceable. Though the traditional working methods are less in use today, it still shares a prominent place. The old horse sometimes can help you win the race.

Fax machines have always made the communications easy. The important papers, documents, as well as, records can be sent to faraway places within no time. So it is vital to learn how a fax machine works. Let’s find out, how a fax is sent through the fax machine:

  1. The first thing you need to keep in mind is the fax machine should be plugged into a power socket as well as connected to a phone line.
  2. Now turn the fax machine on once you are through with the first step.
  3. Get the fax number, of destination where the fax is to be sent.
  4. Collect all the documents, which are to be sent to the other fax machine. Also, put the documents in a sequence the way you want the other person should receive.
  5. Always remember to prepare a cover page every time a fax is to be sent. The cover page should include details of the sender and receiver such as:
  • Addressee’s name
  • Recipient’s fax and phone number
  • Sender’s name
  • Sender’s fax and phone number
  • A small message related to the fax documents, if required
  • Number of pages faxed

Now after preparing the required documents that are to be sent place them into the tray of the fax machine.

  1. Dial the number, of the recipients fax machine where the fax is to be sent.
  2. Now press the “send” or “fax” button depending on the type of the fax machine, to send the fax.

At this moment, the fax machine will start scanning all the documents in its memory that are kept in the feeder tray. Once the fax machine has scanned all the papers you will hear a tone. The tone that you hear states that your fax machine has started sending the documents. The tone also states that the fax machine on the other side has started receiving the fax documents.

The communication link between both the fax machines has been developed by now. Wait for some minutes after the fax is sent. If the fax machine has a display screen, you will see a confirmation message on it. Moreover, some fax machines uk also have printout confirmation system. These fax machines would give a confirmation report in a printed form once the fax is sent.