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Important Features of Thermal Binding Machine

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You can create great looking professional papers for presentations or reports using thermal binding machines.

The nice thing about a thermal binding machine is it gives a neat book like look to your papers without even punching or inserting. Moreover, it provides with options of hardcover as well as soft cover. These all things make a thermal binding best process for securing and presenting papers.

Once you have taken a decision to purchase a thermal binder for your office, selecting the correct model is essential. There are many options available in the market. There are some features that you should check before deciding on the model.

Below we discuss some really necessary features that are must for your machine:

Size of Throat

Size of throat means binding space that a machine offers. Larger the throat size, more papers you shall be able to bind. Normally there are two variants available in the market.

Smaller machine with 1” thickness and bigger with 2” thickness. In the machine, with 1-inch thickness, you can bind up to 250 pages and in 2-inch thickness throat, you can bind 500 pages. You should decide on the type of machine based on your requirements.

Binding Length

Regular binding machines available in a market have a length of 11 inches. This machine is ok for you if you would be using it for only A4 sized papers. But if you have papers that are oversized or are of the legal size you should opt for a machine with a 14-inch length.

Temperature Options

Most of the thermal binding machine available on the market have 4 to 5 temperature settings. Choosing a device that best suits you is not an easy thing. Depending on whether you shall need a hard paperback binding or would you need to bind papers in book format are some parameters that have to be kept in mind.

In case your machine is not having proper temperature setting you would be left with no option but to run the binding twice to get adhesive stick properly.

Timing facility

This can be termed as most the important feature in a machine before selecting. Your device should have an automatic timer that beeps when the machine is hot or binding is done.

This timer will cut off supply and avoid any overheating of the machine. If this facility is not present you will need to check again and again whether the binding is properly done or not.

We have highlighted some important features that you will have to check before buying decision is taken. This will help you in making a correct decision and enjoy benefits for a long time.

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