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Sam4s Cash Registers

Sam4s Cash Registers
Sam4s Cash Registers

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Sam4s Cash Register

Are you worried about the safety of cash handling in your departmental shop and Security of the business? Electronic Sam4s Cash Registers are the best fit to meet your needs. Cash registers are electronic devices with drawers, lock-ups and storage that keep tracking the transactions and sales with maximum safety.

Here we’ve a large collection of cash registers including Sharp, Casio and Sam4s. Each of the products is somehow special and durable and you can choose cash register that fits the best to fulfil your super shop necessity.

SAM4s Cash Register – The Best Shop Tills Available?

Try out the features, specification and size variation below and decide yourself –

  • Removable Key Caps so that you can customize the departments with names on the keys!
  • 57mm Specialized Thermal Printer.
  • Programmable and Alpha Programming Logo & Departments Keys
  • 15-18 Departments on the Keyboard
  • 500-1000 PLUs(Price Lock Ups) codes Available!
  • 10 Clerks codes.
  • Automatic Updates of Date and Time.
  • Highly Reliable front and rear LED Operator Display.
  • Large Cash Drawer with 4 bills sections and 8 coin sections.
  • 48 Key Raised Keyboard
  • Variable models and dimension differing on the use of purpose.
  • Weight: 8.1Kg
  • 1-year on-site warranty.
  • Free Telephone Support.

The easiest way to purchase a SAM4s Cash Register in the UK

Several models are available for the SAM4s Cash Register. You can either have an overview here or view more, visit our website.  The speciality about our SAM4s Cash Register is, easy to use; a highly tested security service is integrated, suitable for shops with switching shifts of salesmen. So for a durable, secure and safe cash register for your shop, you can easily rely on SAM4s Cash Register from A2B Office.

Consider your options and choose the best fit Sam4s Cash Register for you.  Click here for our range of cash registers

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