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Selection of a Comb Binding Machine

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Are you wondering how to buy a good comb binding machine that will fit into all your business needs of binding? Don’t worry, it’s very easy.

You have to just make a little research and then decide which comb binding machine you should opt for. Consider the following features while making a purchase of comb binding machines.

Capacity of punching

Consider what is the capacity of punching of the comb binding machine. You should opt for a machine which can punch a sufficient amount of sheets or documents per punch. Usually all comb binding machines contains hole punches inbuilt in them. This is due to that a document of letter-sized needs 19 holes punched in it prior to binding. Depending on the thickness of the documents, you can punch it with the help of comb binding machine. You can punch as many as 25 sheets or as low as 5 sheets per lift.

Size of Comb

What will be the right comb size that can fit to all you needs? Again you can decide this with the help of the document thickness. Combs vary in diameter from 3/16” (10 Pages) to 2 (425 pages). You should opt for a device which can accommodate all different sizes.

Structure and shape

Consider the structure of the machines which is easy to use and operate. For instance, if you opt for the D-shaped machine, then both right and left-handed people can operate it easily. You should choose a machine that includes metal parts rather than plastic as the plastic body breaks very quickly and easily.

Characteristics of a machine

Before making a purchase of comb binding machine, you should have a look at the characteristics of that machine. For binding too many documents, you should opt for an electric punching machine that saves your lot of time. Rotary edge machine provides you to punch holes in an easy way and creates strong documents. For proper alignment of documents or sheets, a vertical punching machine is a good option.

Period of warranty or guarantee

Lastly, you should check with the warranty of the machine. Good-quality comb binding machine can be costly, so you need to purchase a machine that provides more period of warranty. Reputed dealers or manufactures offers good period of warranty coverage.

Above are the few things you should consider before making a selection of good comb binding machine. Have a great choice while selecting a comb binding machine for your business!

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