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Paper Trimmers – A Short History

Paper Trimmers

Paper trimmers, similar to the ones in use today, dates back to 1844 when the first paper cutter, or guillotine, was patented by Guillaume Massiquot. Since then, there have been considerable improvements to the original design by the UK, Germany and the United States. Today paper trimmers have become invaluable tools in offices and schools, […]

Eight Tips to Make Guillotines Durable

Do you have guillotines but don’t know how to take care of them properly? When you use them often, they may suffer from wear and tear especially if you don’t take care of them properly. Below are the tips on how to take care of guillotines. 1. Sharpen the knife because it’s the best way […]

Important Things to Consider When Shopping for Paper Trimmers

Do you like scrapbooking? If you do, then getting ready with your materials and tools are all needed to come up with the most creative work of art that you can create from pieces of papers and crafts. One of the main scrapbooking tools is paper trimmers. It’s one of the most in-demand tools among […]

Efficient Paper Trimmers to Consider

Paper Trimmers

Do you need home office supplies that could help you work conveniently at home using home office equipment? If so, then you should also be thinking of purchasing your paper trimmers. Usually, these machines are used by art enthusiasts especially those that who want to make scrapbooks. Meanwhile, these machines can also be used by […]

Buy High Quality Paper Trimmers and Guillotines for your Office

If you were to ensure that you will be able to work effectively and efficiently in your office, you have to see to it that you have all the different kinds of office equipment that you need at your arm’s reach. If you are in the process of buying the tools that you need for […]

A Guide to Use Guillotines

At present, there are exceptionally few offices that do not require paper guillotines in their day to day work. The guillotine can be used to serve many purposes. Guillotines help in cutting the large-sized paper and to customize the paper according to the need. The customized papers can be used for making presentations, promotional materials […]

Ream Cutters are Ideal for Efficiency

If you have large quantities of paper that need cutting in one go then what you need is ream cutters. It’s important that the ream cutters you choose for your business are reliable and high performance giving you the results that you need quickly and efficiently. However, choosing ream cutters for your business can be […]