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Eight Tips to Make Guillotines Durable

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Do you have guillotines but don’t know how to take care of them properly? When you use them often, they may suffer from wear and tear especially if you don’t take care of them properly. Below are the tips on how to take care of guillotines.

1. Sharpen the knife because it’s the best way to keep your paper cutters in good condition. In this way, you can keep guillotines productive and high in quality.

2. Oil them. Today, there are machines that have their oiling systems, so oiling guillotines isn’t a problem anymore. On the other hand, you might not want to miss a spot in an old paper cutter because there are spots that are hard-to-reach. You might shut down the entire purpose of the guillotine if you won’t lubricate it often.

3. Keep your work area always clean. Don’t let oil drip onto the table when you’re oiling any machine. Don’t let unnecessary objects hang around the place if you don’t need them. Take note that a happy machine is where work area is clean.

4. Keep the instructions in mind. Every maker has its instructions on how to operate guillotines. It won’t be bad to call the customer support of the supplier if there’s part of the directions that you didn’t understand.

5. Schedule the time to clean or oil the machine. Always remember that keeping no task listed won’t make you clean your guillotines. In this case, you might want to fix a schedule on when to clean your machine. By doing such, you’ll be able to perform the routine regularly.

6. Have the machine always in the right adjustment. It’s another no-brainer tip to keep your guillotines on top of their working condition. You won’t want to use those paper cutters that aren’t in the proper adjustment, do you? Additionally, you won’t want to use them if they have broken parts such as knife gibs, brakes, or bearings. Broken parts may cause injury or total machine damage.

7. Don’t let the knife from sinking into the stick for cutting which might sever guillotines bottom sheet. Do it properly if you would like to set up a new knife. If you would do it correctly, there are no adjustments that you would need to put your knife into it even if you got old guillotines.

8. When unnecessary, never apply more clamp pressure. You will have to set it right to be able to get an accurate paper cutting product from the top to the bottom of the paper lift. If you have computerized machines, then they’d remind you all the time to apply the right pressure when you go back to a task. Ensure proper lift height in order to make your guillotines durable.

These are the top eight tips in order to keep your guillotines in good working condition. Set a regular schedule to maintain your machines, so they would last longer. Take care of your machines, so they can work for you best. Learn more about office supplies today!