Dry wipe boards are a great way to display temporary information, either for customers or employees. The information can be easily modified as needed and remains easy to read thanks to the large size of the boards.

Having your board customized allows you to add your brand logo, a message or a pattern such as a grid to display your information in a clear manner. Here are the top five uses for dry whiteboards.

Dry Wipe Boards

Customized whiteboards are quite common in restaurants, bars, diners and cafes. These boards are often used to share information about prices or the day’s specials. Customers are used to looking for a whiteboard to find details about the menu or the prices and you can easily update your board as needed. Have the name and logo of your business printed at the top of the board or ask your manufacturer to include the name and prices of your most popular menu items so you do not have to write this information every day.

dry erase whiteboard can also be used outside of your business to share information about the hours of operations. This is ideal if your hours change from one day to the next or if you keep special hours during your busiest season. You can also use your whiteboard to write a quick note if you cannot tend to your business during your lunch break or simply need to step out for a few minutes. Having the name, logo and contact information of your business printed on your board will help potential customers remember the name of your business and will make them more likely to visit your store again.

You should order a whiteboard with a schedule printed on it so you can fill it in each week. This is an ideal way to share scheduling details with employees or patients without having to print a new schedule. It is true that entering scheduling details on a computer and printing a schedule is quicker but using a dry erase whiteboard for your schedule will help you save on the amount of paper you use, which is better for the environment. A whiteboard is more convenient for scheduling if you often have to make modifications during the week.

A dry board with some markers attached to it can be a great communication tool in the workplace. Employees can use the board to share ideas and suggestions or to let everyone know how close they are to completing a project. Management can use the board to share quick memos, motivational messages or any other helpful information. If you plan on using a whiteboard as a way of sharing information and ideas, make sure you invest in a large board so everyone can write what they need to share and so the information remains easy to read.

You can also use customized whiteboards for presentations. Adding a whiteboard in your meeting room could be a great way to share key figures and facts. Customize the whiteboard with your company’s logo or with a grid you can use to report your progress over the course of time. Customized whiteboards also come in handy for coaches who can have a field printed on their board. This is a very efficient way of demonstrating plays and strategies to the team.

Customized whiteboards are a very efficient way of sharing information. These five uses are fairly common but you can do so many other things with a dry erase board. You should look for a printing service that offers printed dry wipe boards at a reasonable price.

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