A0 drawing plan hangers by Vistaplan are perfect for the storage, and organisation of plan filing documents of up to and including 100 sheets. However, this is dependant on the thickness of the plans or drawings stored in the drawing hangers.

Vistaplan A0 Drawing Plan Hangers HA0
Vistaplan A0 Drawing Plan Hangers HA0

Vistaplan A0 drawing plan hangers have been specifically designed for use with the full Vistaplan range of products. These include plan filing cabinets, plan file trolleys and Vistaplan wall carriers.

The Vistaplan A0 drawing plan hangers make use of full aluminium clamps, which work to hold the plans and drawings tightly in place. Some of the benefits include the ability to hold a mixture of various paper sizes, as well as not needing planstrips.

The ingenious design that Vistaplan has designed will allow you to simply thumb through the pages, plans or plans without the need to physically having to open the plan hanger up.

Vistaplan foresight made these futureproofed for the demand for plan storage, that is needed today.

Ideal for use in the office as well as being able to use the A0 plan hangers out on site. This ensures the complete drawing plan filing system and storage management.

The A0 Plan filing hangers by Vistaplan hold a full capacity of up to and including 100 sheets/documents or plans. This is indeed dependant on the weight of paper used in each of the Vistaplan drawing plan hangers.

Available in 3 lengths these are easily able to hold all the popular drawing and plan sizes, right up to and including CAD and plot drawings.

A1 drawing hangers are also available in the Vistaplan range.

Vistaplan A0 drawing plan hangers features include:

  • Hangers for storing large-format documents
  • Use with Vistaplan file cabinets, trolley carriers or wall carriers
  • Ideal for organising and storing large format plans and drawings
  • Flip through pages without opening hanger
  • Stores up to 100 A1 sheets per hanger
  • Size: 650mm (A1)
  • Supplied in a pack of 2

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