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What if a pouch gets stuck in a laminator?

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Laminators are the most used and essential part of office as well as home. Laminators are most easy and handy machine for crafting the papers or documents. There are various laminating machines available in the market today. Laminators are divided into two categories: heat laminator and cold laminator.

Pouch laminator is a part of heat laminator. Pouch laminators are most widely used in homes as well as in offices. It happens many times that the pouch may get trapped in the laminator. One needs to take care of the problem immediately if the pouch gets jammed in the laminating machine.

Let’s have a look on the steps to consider if a pouch gets stuck in the laminator:

Firstly switch off the laminating machine and plug out.

Turning off the machine will prevent the motor from burning out. As the motor is not burnt, there is no need to repair or substitute the machine.

When the machine gets to turn off look for the damage instantly if any.

If any huge item was inserted to laminate, it might have happened that the item had stuck in the machine. First of all, try to pull out the item gently from the machine. Also, remember that thick and three-dimensional items should not be laminated in the laminating machine.

It may also happen that the laminating pouch would have gotten curled up in the machine.

To resolve this problem turn the machine on its back and put it in the reverse mode.

Some laminating machines can be opened like printers.

So if, the pouch has got stuck in the machine that is hard to pull you need to open the laminator. Just be careful that the laminating machine is unplugged before you open it.

If the laminators do not open make an effort find out if it has a pouch jam lever.

The knob in the machine helps to separate the rollers so that the jammed pouch can be taken out.

If nothing works one can unbolt the roll laminators using mechanical tools.

One should try to open the machine only if he or she has some knowledge regarding machines.

All the mentioned steps can check out if the pouch gets stuck in the laminating machine. A carrier, however, can help to get rid off from getting pouch jam in the machine.