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6 Reasons Why You Need A Dry Wipe Board In Your Office

Dry Wipe Board - Brainstorming Session
6 Reasons Why You Need A Dry Wipe Board In Your Office

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When you have a brainstorming session in your office you are most certainly going to need a dry wipe board to keep up with the flowing ideas.

Nobo, Quartet, Bi-Office and Q Connect are all popular choices of whiteboards in use throughout the UK. So, why are dry wipe boards so popular and just why can no office manage without one?

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[title text=”Here is a list of why we think dry wipe boards and whiteboards are so important to your company environment.”]

1. Brainstorming and thrashing out new ideas

Using drywipe boards is an excellent way to help bring out new ideas. This works well when brainstorming and collaborating with the team and other staff members.

2. Brainstorming on the go

It’s a well-known fact that great ideas just spring to mind. This is especially true once in the company of other like-minded individuals. They create good ideas by ‘bouncing’ their ideas off each other.

When you collaborate together and make use of a dry wipe board its amazing how the ideas come. Using a mobile or portable dry wipe board is the answer if you are using a shared space, such as a conference room. The chances are quite high of the whiteboard being wiped clean and you losing your hard work. Whereas using a portable dry wipe board means you can take it away with you back to the office or workplace.

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3. Keeping your goals and ideas focused

There is a large range of dry wipe boards available in different style and various sizes. Simply keeping a smaller whiteboard to hand, either desk or wall mounted can be useful to keep your ideas on track.

4. Project Management

It’s easier to keep your staff and team members engaged and focused and clear on the tasks at hand. When all staff are ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’. Having the points, deadlines and goals clearly listed on a drywipe board will certainly keep your team on track and proactive.

5. Freestanding, portable and mobile.

Not all offices will want to have wall-mounted dry wipe boards. Sometimes this can be due to not having space or just not wanting to keep the whiteboard in one place. They may prefer to move it around the building. This issue is easily solved using a dry erase / dry wipe easel instead. These are the perfect solution to collaborating your team.

6. Multiuse and multi-purpose dry wipe boards

Dry-wipe boards are very versatile and can be used in many different instances. Most dry wipe boards have a magnetic surface, this allows you to to use magnets to hold various notes, reminders and announcements. Perfect for presentations as you can also display any kind of display media using various clips, clamps and hooks that are available to you.

  1. Bi-Office Aluminium Trim Drywipe Board
  2. Nobo Diamond Glass Magnetic Whiteboard 300x300mm Black 1903950

  3. Q-Connect Aluminium Magnetic Whiteboard 1800x1200mm KF01081

  4. Bi-Office Revolver Non-Magnetic Board 1500x1200mm Grey QR0402

  5. Nobo Mobile Steel Magnetic Horizontal Whiteboard 1500x1200mm 1901031

Overall, whether you are using a dry wipe board as part of a large corporation or a small office they are perfect to build productivity. They allow you to get your ideas across as well as encouraging new ideas in any brainstorming session or company meeting. take a look at our full range of dry wipe boards to find the perfect solution for you and your office.

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