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7 Steps to Operate Paper Folding Machines

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Have you gotten new paper folding machines but don’t know how to use them? Then, you might probably be interested to check out this blog about it. Today’s post will highlight you steps on how to use these machines to make them more efficient and effective for home or office use.

Paper folding machines are very useful for offices and businesses that have to fold papers which are meant to be sent out as brochures or letters to their clients or customers. They’re efficient machines that can fold you up to 18,000 papers depending on the model and the make. They’re in handy for busy printing shops as well that is why they always can make it to the top of sales in office supplies companies from all over the world.

Who Can Use Paper Folding Machines?

As mentioned earlier, businesses and offices that should come up with thousands of brochures or letters folded in one day shall opt for these handy machines. Offices, printing shops, insurance companies, and financial institutions like banks, churches, and schools can also use them. There are two types of paper folding machines: manual and automatic. Depending on your usage frequency and demand, you may opt between these two types. Both of these paper folding machines can work either through air feed or friction feed.

Paper Folding Machines Make Folding Really Fast

If you want to maximize your time and avoid wasting it for folding dozens or even thousands of papers, why should you wait to buy your paper folding machine? They can make your life easier and work more efficient. These machines can obviously save your time, money, and effort. If you have employees, then why should you have them fold papers when it can be done by these machines? If you want to maximize spending for paying your employees, then you might want to get your paper folding machines now!

On the other hand, if you already have your unit, then this is the guide on how to use these paper folding machines correctly. Take note that not all machines can work the same way as it will be highlighted in this blog. Here’s how to operate these machines:

1. Look for the power switch and feeding tray. Take note on how to operate the feed tray.
2. Find the options for setting how the machine will fold at certain specification. Look for the folding plate and set your options.
3. Adjust folding plate which will usually come in 2 different plates that are found on both sides of paper folding machines.
4. Adjust the side guard settings to accommodate your paper.
5. Put your paper stack into the machine. Take note that the number to feed the machine shall depend on the maker specifications.
6. Turn the machine on for a few seconds and see the outcome. If you’re unsatisfied at first, you can always change the settings of the folding plate.
7. Once done, you can feed the machine with a new batch of papers to fold.

These are the seven steps on how to operate paper folding machines which could really make your work faster and easier. Learn more about paper folding machines today!