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About Laminators

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In this modern technology world, every business or company provides ID card to their employees. Not only this, many other ID cards are also essential which everyone carries. And do you know that we all like to keep all our ID card or other important documents laminated?

Lamination is a protective method of covering a piece of paper with a plastic and then sealed properly.

You can protect your important papers or documents from damage with the process of lamination. If by anyway, water or tea or coffee falls on any of your laminated paper or document, and then also it won’t get damaged.

Due to some government legal bindings, you need to carry many cards in your pocket like driving license. The paper may get damage with your sweat of the body. So, to get it laminated is a good option to save it from getting damaged.

A laminated document is not only protected from damage, but it also looks professional and more decent. For lamination of documents, laminator machine is required. Various different styles of laminator machine are there in the market.

The 2 two types of popular laminators

  1. Pouch laminators
  2. Roll laminators

Laminators of both types almost give the same quality and result. Method of operation is a little bit different. For lamination of smaller documents, pouch laminators are useful. For lamination of bigger documents or for many small items, roll laminators are used.

Pouch laminators laminate the largest document in the size of 8 ½ x 11 in size. The length of the document does not matter so much as is the width. Normally, roll laminators are 25 inches in width, but several roll laminators can go beyond 60 inches in width for laminating big materials or banners.

Lamination pockets are used in pouch laminators, known as pouch lamination film. These pockets are open on three sides and sealed on one side. Papers or documents are then placed in these pockets and then passed through the pouch laminator.

In pouch laminator, there is a use of a carrier that is a non-stick manilla-coloured folder. The pouch is positioned in the carrier to avoid the film from jamming in the machines.

Two different rolls are used in roll laminators. On the top, there is one roll and on the bottom, there is another roll. It uses metal mandrel on which the film is kept in the slid position. Before using, the film is wound through the roll laminator.

After it gets fully heated, any material or document can be placed into the laminator.

With this basic information about laminators, you can easily take a decision which laminator you should opt for and which laminator will fulfill your business needs.