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Cash Register – an Essential Business Tool

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Cash registers are must for every business as they are helpful in one or another way. The cash registers are helpful in recording sales, providing receipts to the customers and permanent record of day to day transaction. Cash registers are used by the sales clerk in every establishment.

They individually record customers’ sales and purchase, as well as also provide respective receipts for each purchase.  Cash registers today are fully automatic that help in smooth running of any organization. They also help you in tallying the number of sales with purchase at the end of the month or year.

The main advantage is; it reduces paperwork. Moreover, it also saves time. Transactions recorded are permanent that does not require a person to remember everything. Cash registers are also known as a point of sale station (POS). They are used by every business have different use according to the need.

Generally, every cash register comes with a cash drawer where coins, bills etc can be kept. Many companies offer a variety of cash registers in the market. Well if you are planning to buy one, for your business, then consider buying it from A2B Office Technology Ltd.

A2B Office Technology is a well-established company since 1991, is a major supplier of home equipment, office equipment business machines and much more. The company has a good set up of customers with its quality products and customer service.

Let’s have a look at the types of cash registers available

Simple Cash Register

These simple cash registers have a display screen. They can easily handle cash, cheque and credit card payments. The system contains a drawer where coins, bills etc are kept. These are small in size and are most useful for small retail enterprises. They can handle 1 – 5 departments together. There are even portable cash registers available most suitable for outdoor business. Moreover, a 1-year warranty is offered with this.

Forged Note Detector

A2B Office Technology Ltd helps their clients by providing forged note detector. This machine can easily test fake notes. All currency notes are protected and also traveller’s cheque can be detected through this equipment.

Cash Counters

The cash counters supplied by A2B Office Technology Ltd are available in wide range. Coin checker and coin counter can accurately count the coins and even verify whether they are real or not. It can count 200 coins in no time. The note counter can effortlessly count 800 notes within a minute. While the coin and note counter can give you the benefit of both the individual machines i.e. you can calculate coins and notes as well.

Money Safe Slot Box

You just don’t need to go anywhere when thinking of safety for your money. We present you a money slot box, where you can keep your excess currency in the drawer. It is a metal box with a lock.

To know more, check out the complete collection of Cash Registers & Tills.