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Hi Vis Workwear – High Visability Workwear For Your Business

Hi Vis Workwear

Our range of Hi Vis workwear includes:

Whether you’re looking for Hi Vis Trousers, Hi Vis Vests or Hi Vis Overalls, you’ve come to the right place!

Hi Vis Jackets

Using high visibility workwear is a great way to keep employees safe. These products are also used by companies to promote their brand on-site.

Hi Vis JacketHi Vis workwear is used by a large number of employees in the UK, and it is mandatory for certain industries. Keeping employees safe is an employer’s responsibility. Using high visibility workwear can help reduce accidents and accidents that could lead to major injury.

Hi Vis workwear is made from materials that are luminescent, reflective and UV protected. The materials are typically yellow or orange. These colours are also known as Day-Glo. Using these colours in your clothing will make you more visible in dark or poor light conditions.

In addition to providing a visible safety measure, high visibility workwear can also improve productivity. This is especially true for industries that have workers that need to be seen from a distance.

Hi Vis Vests

Having the right high visibility clothing is a vital part of working safely in the UK. Whether you are working in a factory, warehouse, railway or construction site, having the right hi vis vest will ensure that you’re visible and safe.

Hi vis vests are available in many different colours, such as orange and yellow. The colours are designed to make you visible in the event of an accident. They are also designed to be easy to wear and comfortable. You can find hi vis vests for men, women and children in a range of sizes.

Hi vis clothing has become a standard part of the workplace in the UK. The 1974 Health and Safety At Work Act introduced the first UK legislation for hi vis clothing. It recognised the value of hi vis clothing and required employers to protect workers from industrial hazards.

Hi Vis Trousers

Hi Vis TrousersUsing hi vis trousers is one of the easiest ways to stay safe in low light conditions. By incorporating fluorescent fabrics with reflective stripes, these pants help increase your visibility.

MASCOT offers a wide range of hi vis trousers. They are made of durable, 50+ UPF-rated polyester/cotton material. They also feature magnetic closures and tool pockets. They come in three colors.

The fabric used to make hi vis trousers is resistant to stains, and it is easy to clean. The material also features a strong CORDURA material in high wear areas to prolong the life of safety workwear.

Hi vis trousers meet the requirements of the EN ISO 20471 standard. This means they are durable and perform well in high-risk environments. The standard outlines requirements for the tensile strength, thermal resistance, and reflective properties of the materials used in hi-vis clothing.

Hi Vis Overalls

Whether you’re working in a hazardous environment, or in an environment that’s simply a lot brighter than normal, hi vis overalls can help you stay safe. They’re made with a blend of fluorescent fabric and reflective strips. These strips reflect light back at the original source, providing better visibility for workers in low-light conditions. They’re available in a variety of styles and colours and can be customized with a company logo for added branding.

The main advantages of hi-vis overalls are that they provide the highest levels of visibility, and they’re designed to work in all kinds of conditions. They are made of breathable, windproof material. They’re also resistant to heat and mildew, and have a drawcord at the waist for optimal comfort.

Hi vis overalls are available in several different colours, including orange, yellow, and blue. Some industries, like rail workers, require specific hi vis standards.

Hi Vis Workwear

Investing in high-visibility clothing for work purposes is an investment that can pay off in the long run. It can improve safety for your employees, as well as create a strong and visible corporate identity.

Aside from making you stand out from the crowd, high visibility workwear can also be used to highlight important staff to the casual observer. For instance, a well-placed logo on a hi-vis jacket can be a great way to promote your company on-site.

Another tidbit about hi-vis workwear is that it helps reduce the number of accidents. According to research, wearing a hi-vis vest reduced the number of accidents on bicycles by 47 per cent. Several industries require employees to wear hi-vis clothing, including construction, railways and the police.

Hi-Vis Workwear offers a wide range of hi-vis garments from leading UK brands.