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Office Chair Racing In Japan

Office Chair Racing In Japan

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Office chair racing, who’d have thought it?

Many people have turned out in Japan for a race using office chairs! This race is the inspiration of Le Mans and Formula One.

This is a competition that was dreamed up over ten years ago and has grown in popularity ever since.

The rules of office chair racing

It is simply a contest with has teams of 3 people to see who can complete the laps of the 200-metre racecourse using office chairs.

There were as many as 60 teams battling it out over the weekend where the race was taking part in Hanyu, Japan. The prize, 90KG of rice.

The race was eventually won by Kitsugawa Unyu.

More office chair racing to follow

There are at least another ten separate ISU-1 Grand Prix office chair race events planned throughout Japan this year.