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Paper Cutter vs Paper Trimmer

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Whether you are working at your home or at your office, one very helpful accessory is Paper cutter or paper trimmer. A paper trimmer helps you in producing papers of the size you require for your important reports or might be for some important presentations.

This flexibility of making your own sized reports can benefit you in getting more business or getting more attention to your report in the office. Paper trimmers are available in lots of variants.

It is necessary to know what features would be useful to you and what needs to be checked before making a purchase decision.

Paper Clamp

This is the feature which is mostly overlooked by people. But whenever you are cutting more than 10 sheets, a good paper clamp will hold papers tight enough to give you a great result.

Alignment Grid

A small grid on the machine that helps you in arranging papers in a single alignment. This grid can also help in cutting papers at various angles to get some really decorative paper styling.

Adjustable Edge Guide

This helps you in marking the last cutting done by you so that you can repeat your actions. This is useful when you have lots of papers to cut.


This can be very easily called heart of the paper cutting machine. They perform all the duties and are most used part. There are many types of blades available. Designer blades can do decorative cutting without manually arranging or moving the papers.

Blade Locking System

A very important safety feature of any paper trimmers. This feature ensures that blade does not show outside while the machine is not in use. This will avoid any accidents when the trimmer is at rest.

Safe cut

One more safety feature. Whenever you are changing any home office equipment of trimmer, this feature will avoid your contact with blades.

Cutting length

There is more than one variant available in cutting length. It starts from 12 inches to 24 inches. The decision of what length cutting machine you should select needs to be taken wisely. You need to consider what would be the longest paper you will need to cut and then only take a decision.

Cutting Variety

You might need to cut various materials. It can be paper or it can also be a thick cardboard. Your trimmer should be able to handle different type of materials.

Have mentioned few features you should look prior to purchase. There can be many other considerations also. But these can be good starting points for your search.