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Insane Home Office Set-ups

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For most people, buying a new computer monitor happens every couple of years and the home office consists of that very monitor (19″ if you’re lucky) sitting precariously on top of a desk by the name of Skäg, bought for £5 from Ikea.

Of course, there are people who take home office setups far more seriously, a few of which we’ll now show you. Just imagine the cable mayhem…

Stefan Didak

Stefan Didak has possibly the most famous setup on the internet. There are a total of 12 monitors in his home office, 6 of which (all 24″) form the central workspace, and just laying and organising all the systems’ cables took him 4 days. Of course, being the geek he is, all the separate systems have names (e.g. Xenon, Nitrous, Hydrogen) and combined provide storage space to the tune of 102TB. Visit his site for comprehensive details of his incredible setup and more photographs to drool over.

Mitch Haile

Including his laptop and 2 screens currently kept in the closet, Mitch Haile’s home office boasts 11 monitors, 6 of which are lined up together and connected to his MacPro with 3 ATI 2600 video cards. For answers to the most common questions asked of him, visit Mitch’s website, a page of which is dedicated to the setup. He even discusses the furniture beneath the technology, including a surprisingly modest chair bought from Staples.

Coyote Land

Flickr user posted these pictures of his 9 system setup (Five Macs, three PCs and a Linux box) back in May. He says the home-based setup, when used for web development, is ‘11,600 horizontal pixels of heaven’. See the photo on Flickr.

Honourable mention must also go to the following 3 setups, all found on Realtime Soft’s website. Information about them is scarce but the number of monitors warranted their inclusion.