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Importance of Forged Note Detectors

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Today in this world of crime, it is necessary to beware of everything a person does. The cases of fake and cheating are increasing day by day. Most retailers and businessmen are cheated by different manners.

The incidents of forged notes are rising to cheat people. Every business, bank, corporate houses should have a forged note detector.

Many office equipment companies now a day’s provide the forged note detector machines. Forged note detectors also are known as counterfeit detection machines are of most importance to the bankers and retailers. There are many detection devices that can save many people from counterfeit frauds.

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Forged note detectors

The two varieties of Baijia counterfeit detection machines available are:

Baijia BJ136 Forged Note Detector: This forged note detector is lightweight equipment that helps a person to defend him or herself from the fraud. Once the counterfeit notes are placed in the detector, the machine will flash a vivid blue colour. The colour will be clearly visible, and the metallic strip as a continuous line will be flashed on both sides of the forged note. The main features of the detector are protection against GBP notes, blue glass lamp, euro currency detection and travellers’ cheque scrutinizing.

Baijia Bj212 Forged Note Detector: This is an exclusive counterfeit note detector. The machine provides multi-functions such as metal thread, infrared, imaging and magnetic ink detection. The equipment also includes money transparency feature. The major characteristics of the note detector are approved by the European bank, easy banknote feeding, large display and chargeable battery.