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Multi Functioning Binding Machines

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Manuscripts, calendars, articles, thesis etc are paper related things through which we come across in our day to day life. But all these things carry a huge bundle of papers which cannot be carried individually. To simplify the difficulties faced to store such vital things we have come up with paper binding facilities.

Binding systems are a great way to bind presentations, reports, calendars, booklets, flipcharts and many more. A variety of business and individuals use different binding machine according to their needs. The binding machines are available in varied range and each style comes in varied sizes.

A2B Office Technology, a well-reputed company based in England provides a wide range of binding machines. The company was established in 1991 has coupled up an excellent customer base with quality products.

The company offers various binding machines such as comb binding machine, wire binding machine, thermal binding, calendar binding, click bind machines and many others.

Let us have a view on various binding machines available

Comb binding machine

The comb binding machines are available in diverse ranges which can be used for personal use as well as office use. The binding machines have the capacity to bind 40 – 500 sheets. The comb binding machines are available in adjustable sizes and each binding machine comes with a warranty. Check out the complete collection of comb binding machine trusted office equipment store.

Wire binding machine

Different wire binding machines can pile up to 135 sheets and can also punch at most 25 sheets. Each machine has a margin adjustment technology according to the paper. The wire binding machines are best for A4-A5 size as well as calendars.

Thermal Binding Machine

A thermal binding machine is an extended version of the simple binding machine. It has a capacity to bind 1000 sheets in an hour. The machine comes with an auto shut off technology and multi cooling rack for safety.

Calendar Making Binding Kits

The calendar binding kit helps in binding up to 25 sheets. The calendar binding machine also facilitates to punch square holes on calendars. Each machine is capable of binding A4-A5 portraits as well as landscape.

So if you are planning to get a binding machine for your business or personal use, get hold of A2B Office Technology!! The company also provides its various products such as paper shredders, laminators, binding machines, photocopiers, fax machines, paper trimmers, guillotines, ream cutters, cash registers, paper folding machines, and lot more to government offices, schools and many such institutions to enhance the staff productivity as well as business.