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Post It Notes – Perfect For Home & Office

Post It Notes were designed as tiny pieces of paper with adhesive that stick to various surfaces and can be removed without causing damage, Post It Notes were invented by Dr. Spencer F. Silver. He had no particular use for the sticky paper, but when it kept falling out of a book, he created an adhesive that stuck to surfaces. He eventually came up with the idea for the famous sticky notes, which have been used in office settings ever since.
Post It Notes – Perfect For Home & Office

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Post It Super Sticky Notes

Super Sticky Post It NotesPost it notes in a variety of colours and sizes make it easy to keep notes in your hand. These notes are 2x as sticky as ordinary Post-it notes and stick to windows, walls, and even other surfaces!

They come in a variety of vibrant colours to help you stay organized and on top of your to-do list!

The great thing about these sticky notes is that they can be removed and replaced without leaving residue, and they also come with no shipping restrictions.

If you have a paper-based agenda or you need to keep track of important details, Super Sticky Post-it Notes are the answer! These small, 3″ squared notes can stick to almost any surface!

The adhesive on the sticky notes stays on longer than the original Post-it Notes and can be removed easily with water.

These Post It Notes are 100% recyclable, and paper used to make these notes comes from responsibly-managed forests.

Post It Notes Cube

Post It Note CubeKeeping a stack of Post It Notes in a convenient cube is always handy. The unique adhesive allows these small post-its to stick to more surfaces than the original notes and can be removed easily.

The Post It Cubes are made from sustainable forests and are completely recyclable. Whether you need a note for a business meeting or for a school project, a Post It Notes Cube can make your task simpler.

These handy little notes have many uses and are available in different shapes and sizes. They measure 48x48mm and have strong self-adhesive backing.

They are also easily removed without leaving behind sticky residue. The cube is available in a variety of colours.

They come in pink wave designs.  They also come in various packages.

Z Notes

Sticky notes are great for organization and thought support. These Z Post It notes stick virtually anywhere, including on your computer and in your wallet. If you use them often, you’ll find that you never run out of notes! You can find them in almost any office supply store. Here’s what they’re good for:

Post It Z NotesPost-it Z-Notes are shaped like a letter “Z” and pop up one at a time. They are great for taking notes while on the phone or on your desk. They measure approximately 76 mm by 76 mm and fit perfectly on a desk raiser. Each pad contains 100 sheets in a rainbow of colours. They come in a convenient dispenser and can be refilled from a pad.

The Z-Post-it note is more durable than most other sticky notes and has a more flexible adhesive. If you want to refill it, simply fold it in half.

Unlike regular Post-its, Z-post-it notes are available in packs of six, twelve, and even more! The best part is that you can get next-day delivery when you buy them at A2B Office Supplies.

These sticky notes are the perfect solution for those who spend a lot of time at work and want to remember everything!

Recycled Post It Notes

Recycled Post It NotesYou can recycle Post It Notes just like regular paper. In fact, some companies have made the product more environmentally friendly, removing the adhesives and using more plant-based paper.

In addition, the company says that close to 90% of office waste is recyclable.

Since the adhesive is not toxic, it can be composted alongside organic waste. That means that you can use recycled Post-it Notes to organize your office, remind your kids to do chores, and more.

Sticky notes have undergone a number of recycling trials, and 3M has made sure that their sticky notes are recyclable and safe for the environment.

Post It Index Flags

There are numerous benefits to using Post It Index Flags in a school or office. These colourful, sticky flags stick to documents securely but can be removed without damaging the paper. You can customize your Post It flags to suit your needs.

Post it Index FlagsYou can even colour code different areas of a document according to the people who will be reading it. Post-it flags are a great way to keep track of deadlines, personal calendars and even manage your urgent tasks.

You can choose from various colours and designs when printing your company logo on custom Post It index flags. As these are sticky and can be removed cleanly, they are the perfect way to draw attention to key items.

They are ideal for filing, indexing, and colour-coding work.

You can print your business logo or advertising slogan to promote your business to a wider audience. You can also use custom Post It Index Flags as bookmarks to mark important pages on a computer or a notebook.

Post It Dispensers

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep notes at hand, consider buying a Post It Notes dispenser. These convenient desk accessories store the sticky notes in attractive pads. These dispensers dispense them one at a time, in either same-side adhesive or reverse-sided adhesive.

Post It Note DispensersMost come with weighted bottoms, while others are designed for wall-mounting. Regardless of which type you purchase, there’s sure to be a model that fits your needs.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Post It Notes dispenser, A2B Office Supplies has several options available. This dispenser can come with up to 16 packs of the popular sticky notes, so you can keep plenty on hand at all times.

Another great option is a Post-it note dispenser that’s mounted on your desk or fridge. Unlike traditional sticky notes, these dispensers are also recyclable, which means you’ll have fewer trashcans to worry about.

The popular Post It Note cubes come in a variety of colours and materials. They’re designed to hold sticky notes and pens, and even a phone. They are also custom-printed with your company’s logo or design.

The cubes also feature an accordion-shaped icon, making them perfect for displaying in offices and other public spaces. You’ll never run out of notes again with these dispensers.

Post It Meeting Charts

Post It Meeting ChartsIf you’re in a team or have a lot of meetings, Post It Meeting Charts are a great way to brainstorm ideas. The sticky sheets feature premium, bright white paper that is designed for minimal ink bleed through. These charts are the perfect size for easels and come in two packs of thirty sheets.

You can use them to brainstorm ideas, write down ideas, and even share them with others. You can even use them as a projector in the boardroom or in a meeting room.

A self-sticking adhesive strip makes it easy to reposition the chart. The chart is also designed for collaborative work settings, and the self-sticking feature means that you won’t damage the surface.

There’s no need for tape with these charts, either. They feature premium white paper and a convenient wall easel that keeps them in place while the work is going on. And you can hang your Post-it Meeting Charts easily, thanks to the self-adhesive backing.

Post It Page Markers

Post It Page Markers

One of the most practical and useful tools for staying organized are Post It Page Markers. With the help of these sticky notes, you can keep track of your important documents. You can also find documents quickly and easily.

Post-it strips can be easily written on and replaced, and they are residue-free. The sticky side can be easily peeled off and reattached. The best part is that they can be reused, too!

The versatile Post-it Page Markers come in assorted colours and sizes, which can make it easy to colour-code documents. They’re also great for marking documents, since they stay put until you remove them. You can also place them on files, folders, or wherever else you want to make notes. These sticky notes also come with environmentally-friendly packaging, since they’re made from trees from responsibly managed forests. There are five pads Post it notes per pack, each of which holds about 50 sheets.

These colourful page markers are easy to spot, and they don’t damage your documents.

Their removable adhesive won’t damage your papers. Each pack of Post It notes Page Markers contains a rainbow of colours that make it easy to distinguish different parts of a document. They’re great for marking pages in books and reference material.