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Troubleshooting Fax Machines

Paper Jam Troubleshoot

Fax machines are useful machines you can use for your office or business. They have motors and sensors and moving parts. However, there are times when you will experience trouble when using them. At some points, you might feel frustrated if you meet a paper jam. You don’t have to feel desperate or frustrated because […]

Make business easy with All-in-One Fax Machines

What do we want in our business in today’s fast-growing world? All of the offices are fully flooded with computers and other office machines and technologies. Why? It’s very simple. Every business wants to grow and expand by increasing its productivity and enhancing its efficiency. In recent times, every business makes use of machines which […]

Features to be seen in Fax Machine prior to purchase

In current times, when one decides to purchase a fax machine for his office, he has lots of choices. There are many models and many variants available in the market. Some models are from market leaders like Canon and Panasonic to some from unknown companies. There are some variants that are basic fax machines with […]

Working of fax machine

In last few decades, there has been a sea change in the way we communicate. Starting from sending letters in the post to today’s social networking sites, mankind has evolved a lot. With the advent of emails and mobile phones, data, as well as messages, can be conveyed in no time. Still, there are times […]

New Age Fax Machines

The business environment has been changing rapidly. Efficiency and productivity are the keywords associated with any business or office. Surprisingly both these parameters are not only used for performance measurement of employees but also for the machines in the office. This results in continuously evolving of office equipment. A normal fax machine also has been […]

Perks of Faxing Through Internet

Online faxing has given a new way in the field of faxing. Internet fax system offers a whole new system of handling documents. There are many advantages when one gives up traditional ways of faxing and accepts virtual faxing. One just needs to choose the online service provider wisely and with extreme care. Let’s have […]

Online Faxing – A Boom

Fax machines were invented years ago to facilitate businesses. Initially, fax machines were extremely massive and required much space. Gradually more inventions were made and at present fax machines are available in exceptionally compact sizes. Nowadays one can send and obtain faxes through the internet. Many businesses, offices, as well as homes, have been assisted […]

Multi Functioning Fax Machine

Fax machines make business work to be easy and uncomplicated. With the expansion and advancement in technology, everything should be growing speedily. At present, the office equipment, as well as all the technical machines, should be fast moving with the technology. All the business equipment should be able to serve several purposes such as an […]

Why are Fax Machines Still in Use?

Fax machines were invented many years back to serve the communication purpose of distant businesses. Fax machines help people in sending significant documents, reports immediately to the people staying in faraway places. Today people in the modern era think that fax machine is of no use. People think that in the era of email and […]

How to Send a Fax?

The fax machines have been replaced email and Internet services these days. Still the work that a fax machine can do is remarkable and irreplaceable. Though the traditional working methods are less in use today, it still shares a prominent place. The old horse sometimes can help you win the race. Fax machines have always […]

Selecting the Best Fax Machine

A fax machine helps distant businesses and people to communicate with each other easily. The important papers can be speedily and effortlessly transmitted from one end to the other end of the world. Initially, there was no need for such machines as the businesses were taken out in the home state only. With the increase […]

Planning to Buy a Fax Machine!!

The fax machine was originally known as Facsimile machine. A fax machine is equipment that can send or receive text and pictures over a telephone line. Fax machine sends the text and image by dividing it into a grid of dots. While on the receiving side the fax machine converts the same dots and reprints […]

Fax Machines are Still Vital to Business

For many years fax machines have been central to business communications, however, we’re living in the Digital Age and with the invention of the World Wide Web (WWW), e-mail and the mobile phone, the fax machine looks like it might be going out of fashion. Or is it? Fax machines have used the same technology […]

A complete guide to the benefits of fax machines

Fax machines have evolved since 1843 but came into their own in 1966 when Xerox introduced the Magnafax Telecopier, a smaller and more user-friendly model which could be connected to a telephone line. While it took about 6 minutes to transmit a document, a snail’s pace compared to today’s speeds, it represented a major leap […]