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Being a part, of routine business paper printing has its prime importance. Today there are various printers available in the market. Different printers use diverse inks to print papers. The most commonly used inks in printers are toner and cartridge.

Toner and Cartridge is a disposable part of any printer that contains inks. Cartridge helps any inkjet printing machine to print the ink on papers. Toner, on the other hand, helps laser printers to print papers. A cartridge is a liquid ink that is used in inkjet printers. Toner is a powdered ink that is used in laser printers.

A2B Office Technologies, a well-established company in England provides many types of home and office equipment. A2B office is eminent in servicing its customers and providing the best in industry appliances. One can find different toners and cartridges. Below mentioned are different types of toners and cartridges used for various printers.

Inkjet Cartridges: There are two types of cartridges provided by A2B office, 1) canon inkjet cartridge and 2) brother inkjet cartridge. Each ink cartridge contains more than one partitioned ink container. Basically, there are two types of inks inserted into the printer. One is black the basic colour while the other is any primary colour. Some printers have distinctly made cartridges for printing photographs.

Canon Inkjet Cartridge

A canon inkjet cartridges can print almost 400 – 800 papers per cart.

Brother Inkjet Cartridge

At the same time, the brother inkjet cartridges can print 300 – 600 papers per cart.


Toners are much used in the printing business. Toner is a powdered ink used in laser printers to print papers. A2B office offers discrete toners such as Panasonic toner, brother toner, canon toner and others. Each toner has its unique feature. Every toner has different capability and printing potential.

Laser Toner

Laser printers are expensive than inkjet printers. Hence the toner used in a laser printer is costly as compared to other printers. Laser printers have gained importance in today’s growing business, and so the laser toner has also risen.

Brother Toner

It’s a beneficial toner. We can see the use of brother toner at every place such as airports, banks and others. A brother toner can approximately print 2500 – 12000 papers per cart.